NCL-IX Topology

NCL-IX is at the Centre of the UK's New Data Meridian.

NCL-IX is built on a modern state-of-art Arista platform. Pictured above is one of our DCS-7280SR-48C6 switches supporting 48 x 1/10Gb ports and 6 x 100Gb ports. Our two PoPs are interconnected with a resilient 100Gb ring.

The NCL-IX peering fabric operates on VXLAN for ease of expansion. We have implemented a fully automated provisioning system using the IXP Manager platform.

Some of the features of NCL-IX, with IXP Manager, include:

  • Fully automated base and core configuration and provisioning.
  • Fully automated edge (member port) provisioning and static L2 ACLs used to protect other members.
  • Configuration for route collections, route servers and the AS112 service is automated through IXP Manager.
  • 24/7 monitoring from the Stellium IP NOC.